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After the arrival of the automobile, demand for an expanded highway system and better roads in America was recognized. To create the infrastructure, many areas of the country required better drainage resulting in strong demand for concrete tile. Henry Schmidgall realized the opportunity and purchased a small drain tile plant in Hancock, Minnesota. He named his new business Hancock Concrete and started building products and a foundation strong enough to endure the next century.

Now, almost 100 years old, Hancock Concrete has six plants in four states: Minnesota, Iowa, plus North and South Dakota. In 2011, Hancock was acquired by fellow Stevens County, Minnesota manufacturer, Superior Industries . Coincidently, Superior was founded by Henry’s grandson, Neil Schmidgall. The manufacturing partnership has produced a strong, diverse portfolio of products and creates more opportunities for employees of both companies.

Moving forward, Hancock’s mission is as solid as Henry’s original vision. We will continue to produce innovative products that strengthen and solidify the American infrastructure and while doing so, provide opportunities for employees and citizens of the communities we call home.

Hancock Concrete has a rich history of producing precast concrete products used to improve America’s infrastructure.

  • Sanitary Manholes
  • Storm Catch Basins
  • Box Culverts
  • Reinforced Concrete Pipe
  • Concrete Arch Bridges
  • Precast Trenches

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